Weather change on the cards on the Costa del Sol, with possible rain and polar air greeting the arrival of the Three Kings
Weather forecast

Weather change on the cards on the Costa del Sol, with possible rain and polar air greeting the arrival of the Three Kings

Malaga will record highs of up to 25C until Thursday, when state weather agency Aemet sets the probability of rain showers at 100 per cent in many parts of the province

Tuesday, 2 January 2024, 08:37


The new year on Monday, 1 January, began in Spain with generalised weather stability throughout the country, with the exception of the rains that were forecast for the northwest of the mainland and the warnings -also in the north - for coastal phenomena, according to state meteorological agency (Aemet). In Malaga province , the temperature was the protagonist at the start of 2024, with the winter 'terral' prevailing. This phenomenon pushed thermometers up to a maximum of 24-25C on the eastern coast of the Costa del Sol, in places such as Vélez-Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria, while in inland areas - including Ronda or Antequera - it remained around 18 degrees

However, the weather is set to change in the second half of the week. The turning point will be Thursday. On that day, Aemet has set the probability of showers in the province at 100 per cent, especially in Ronda and the towns and villages of the Guadalhorce Valley. In Malaga city, the possibility of rain at the moment is 80%.

On Friday, this instability will continue, although the probability of precipitation will decrease considerably. The maximum temperatures will also fall. Therefore, Aemet forecasts that the mercury will not exceed 15-17C in Malaga city from 5 January onwards. The minimum temperatures will fall along the same lines, to 9-12 degrees. In addition, from Friday onwards, wind gusts of 20 kilometres per hour are expected.

Arrival of a weather front

At the national level, today (2 January) and Wednesday 3 January, Aemet forecasts the entry of a weather front that will begin to enter the northwest of the mainland in the first half of Tuesday and will leave cloudy or overcast skies and rainfall in the northwest third, which from Wednesday onwards will spread across the country, although less likely in the Mediterranean area.

During both days, a generalised rise in temperatures is expected, which will be more pronounced in the case of minimum temperatures on the 2nd in the northwest of the mainland and on the 3rd in the interior of the country and the Mediterranean areas, thus reducing the extent of frosts. Westerly or southwesterly winds will also predominate throughout these days, more intense in the Cantabrian and Mediterranean areas.

Polar air arrival

Looking ahead to Thursday 4 and Friday 5 January, the cold front that crossed the mainland in the two previous days will continue to leave rain in the southeastern half of the mainland and the Mediterranean areas. On the other hand, the entry of a new front from the northwest, accompanied by blasts of polar air, will give rise to probable precipitation in the northern third of the mainland, which will fall in the form of snow in mountainous areas of the northern half during Thursday 4 and which will probably spread to the rest of the high areas of the Peninsula during Friday 5.

Likewise, temperatures will fall across the board on both days and more sharply on Friday 5th in the southeast half of the country, again increasing the extent of frost areas. As for winds, on Thursday they will be predominantly westerly or south-westerly, becoming north-westerly on Friday 5th.

Three Kings forecast

On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th January, an arctic air mass is expected to enter over the north of the Iberian Peninsula, which will probably lead to an even greater drop in temperatures. Likewise, precipitation is expected in the northern third of the mainland, which on Sunday may spread to other high areas in the interior of the country.

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