Meteorologists are not yet sure how much rain can be expected. sur
A change in the weather expected in Malaga next week, with some rain possible

A change in the weather expected in Malaga next week, with some rain possible

A new front from the Atlantic will affect the province from Monday onwards, after a stable weekend when the temperatures will generally be a bit lower

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 9 September 2022, 15:34


Back to school, in the rain. If the forecasts are correct – and that is still not certain today, Friday, as not even the models agree on the amount of rainfall – youngsters will be heading back to the classroom next week with an umbrella as well as their backpack.

As meteorologist José Luis Escudero said on his SUR Tormentas y Rayos blog, nothing is clear about the probable rain yet, but he believes it will mainly affect the provinces of Huelva, Sevilla, Cadiz and Cordoba.

“What was Hurricane Danielle, which is now a storm, will bring rain to the western side of the peninsula and there will be quite a lot of wind. If the fronts generated by this storm don’t lose force, the rain will extend further, including into Malaga province,” he said.

At the moment the Spanish weather agency Aemet is predicting a 50% chance of rain in Malaga city from midday on Monday. The probability rises to 80% on Tuesday and then drops to 65% on Wednesday, and temperatures will also be lower. The maximum is not expected to be above 26C.

Weekend forecast

In the meantime, and while we wait to see if this long-awaited rain arrives – and it is much needed to alleviate the drought – Malaga can expect a stable weekend weatherwise, with mainly clear skies, some cloudy intervals and more moderate temperatures.

The city will see some respite from the terral although it will still be strong in the Guadalhorce valley, and Ronda and Antequera can expect highs of between 28C and 34C.

On Saturday, at last, it looks as if the terral will ease in the usual areas after six consecutive days.

“The maximum temperatures will rise in the Ronda and Antequera areas, and on the Malaga coast there will be some mist and low cloud," Escudero said.

On Sunday the situation will be very similar. “We’re not expecting a terral in Malaga province and there is zero probability of rain. Maximum temperatures in the province will range from 26C to 33C and the sea water will still feel cold,” he said.

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