Jose and Dani together with the bride and her relatives. / SUR

Watch as police whisk Malaga bride to her wedding, just in the nick of time

The officers stepped in to help out when the classic Jaguar wedding car broke down on the way to the ceremony in Alhaurín


José and Dani serve together daily. In the 25 years that they have been in the Malaga Local Police force they have put many things in the back of their patrol car. Criminals they have arrested, drunks who they have accompanied home and even pregnant women about to give birth. However, on Sunday, 1 May, they chalked up a first when they delivered a bride to the altar, after her wedding car broke down.

That morning Lidia had got up early, it was the most special day of her life. She put on her wedding dress, grabbed her mother by her arm and took the classic Jaguar car heading to the El Portón finca, in Alhaurín de la Torre, where the ceremony was to take place.

She got into the car at around 1pm. She was already a little late, but we know that brides always make the grooms wait.

At around that time, José and Dani, who are stationed at the Churriana Local Police headquarters, were returning from a shift at Malaga Airport. Then Lidia's car broke down and fate caused her to cross the paths of the Local Police officers who valiantly helped her out. The officers saw the broken-down Jaguar on the road to Coín and stopped. Lidia explained her situation to them. She was accompanied by her mother and a little girl on the way to Alhaurín, where her fiancé was nervously waiting for them, along with all the guests.

No taxis available

The policemen reassured her and told her that they would find a solution. However, it was not going to be straightforward. The officers called various taxi services, but at the time there were none available in the entire city. In fact, the switchboard didn't even pick up the phone.

Time was ticking and the nervousness increased among those waiting for the bride. It was then that the Local Police officers asked their boss for permission to take the bride to the ceremony. With his ‘yes’ the policemen quickly went back to their headquarters and changed the car they were using, since it was equipped with a security screen and is the type used for the transfer of arrested people.

Once loaded into the replacement patrol car, the bride was whisked to Alhaurín, with minutes to spare, where the groom and all the guests were startled by the mode of transport she arrived in.

Lidia did not hesitate to show her gratitude to the officers and the Local Police force for getting her to the wedding on time, and in a way she will never forget.