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Warm 'terral' breeze expected to raise mercury to summer-like 30C in Malaga and on Costa del Sol this weekend
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Warm 'terral' breeze expected to raise mercury to summer-like 30C in Malaga and on Costa del Sol this weekend

Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) is forecasting many areas of the province will experience the higher temperatures, especially on Sunday, with no sign of rain on the weather radar in the short term

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Thursday, 2 May 2024, 20:44


It will not be the first warm weekend of the season, as there have already been some hot days in April; but it is foreseeable that Saturday and Sunday could see the first "full house" of the year on the beaches of Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

The reason will be the arrival of a mass of Atlantic air, much warmer than the current one, which will raise the mercury from tomorrow (3 May) in the province, according to the local director of the Spain's state weather agency Aemet, Jesús Riesco. Therefore, on Friday and Saturday there will already be a significant rise in the daytime maximum temperataure, in the region of 25C.

In addition, on Sunday there will be an extra boost, due to the entry of a 'terral' and it will leave summer-like temperatures, according to the forecasts of Aemet. The warm breeze from the west will raise the thermometers during the middle hours of the day where it manifests itself, especially in the Guadalhorce valley, Malaga city, Estepona and Vélez-Málaga. Highs will be close to or even above 30C in many of these areas. It will be up to 10 degrees more than the maximum expected today (Thursday).

Therefore, the weekend will have three parts. Friday will be a transition day, in which the warm air mass and the easterly winds will start to raise the mercury, although with still mild values, around 23C maximum. Saturday, meanwhile, will be marked by winds from the southeast, and the heat will be more noticeable (25C is expected on the coast and up to 29 degrees in the Guadalhorce valley).

On Sunday there will be the expected arrival of the warm terral wind, which will leave highs of 29C on the coast and up to 32 degrees in Coín, among other Malaga province municipalities.

"The terral will be localised," said José Luis Escudero, an expert in Malaga meteorology and head of the SUR blog Tormentas y Rayos (Storms and Lightning). "It remains to be seen if there will be strong gusts of wind, especially after midday, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to confirm this," he added.

In fact, although it will be blowing from the south on Saturday, there may also be some of the effect of the terral in the Guadalhorce. "This Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to head to the beach because summer-like temperatures are expected," he said. But not only at the weekend, because throughout next week, tourists and those who don't have to go to work will also be able to enjoy the seaside, thanks to temperatures of 27C on Monday, 25 degrees on Tuesday and 24C on Wednesday, according to Aemet.

Will it rain in May?

In the short term, during the first two weeks of the month, no new rainfall is expected in Malaga province.

The good news is that in the medium term there is a possibility of a change in the trend. The local director of Aemet rules out precipitation almost completely next week, as the atmospheric situation will stabilise considerably. Although he warned that the weather models are not reliable from the third week onwards, he did acknowledge the possibility that from 13 May onwards some weather change could be seen that would facilitate the return of showers. In that was the case, the amounts collected would generally be low, although some intense thunderstorms in specific areas are not ruled out.

Similarly, José Luis Escudero also pointed to possible precipitation thanks to a Dana (depression in the higher level of the atmosphere), which could enter the scene in the second half of the month. "Some weather models are already forecasting a positive anomaly for this period. If it does come it is not likely to be much," he added.

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