This October has bucked the trend for poor unemployment figures. sur
October unemployment falls in Malaga for first time in at least 15 years, latest figures show

October unemployment falls in Malaga for first time in at least 15 years, latest figures show

In the traditionally worst month of the year there has been a drop in the number of people out of work



Friday, 4 November 2022, 06:28


This October was the first month since unemployment has been registered under the current system (that is since 2005) in which the number of unemployed did not increase in Malaga province.

October is usually the worst month of the year for labour statistics: it features large rises in unemployment, fuelled by the closure of hotels and other seasonal businesses linked to tourism on the Costa del Sol. At a national level, the same thing usually happens, although in 2021 it was a surprise month with a drop in unemployment.

In Malaga, this happened for the first time in at least fifteen years: instead of rising, unemployment fell in October. The month ended with 138,034 people registered with the employment services, 541 fewer than when it began. The figure of 138,034 unemployed is the lowest for an October since 2008. Compared to a year ago, the province has 13,731 fewer unemployed.

This decrease was extended to all sectors of the Malaga economy, with drops in agriculture of 167; in industry of 26; in construction of 275; and in services of 340. In the group without a previous job, unemployment increased by 267.At the national level, the trend is the same: registered unemployment fell in October by 27,027 persons, down 0.92 per cent, the sharpest reduction in this month ever recorded.

Andalucía is the region with the sharpest fall, with a drop of 18,736. All the provinces of the region were affected by the fall. Malaga's was the most modest, with the ranking headed by Almeria, which had 5,519 fewer unemployed in October.

However, the statistics on the number of workers registered in Malaga in October is less rosy. Last month saw 1,842 fewer workers in active employment than in September. But the year-on-year evolution is positive in terms of employment: today there are 31,975 more in employment than a year ago. Malaga now has 678,103 Social Security contributors.


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