Underage Porsche driver kidnapped on Costa del Sol after being released by police

Underage Porsche driver kidnapped on Costa del Sol after being released by police

The 17-year-old was arrested by police for driving with a fake licence and, when he was released, was allegedly kidnapped by the people who had rented him the top-end vehicle

Juan Cano


Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 11:15


A 17-year-old who was arrested and then released for driving a Porsche with a fake license was later kidnapped by the people who had rented him the luxury car.

The bizarre case unfolded on 5 May at around 5am when a woman alerted the Malaga Local Police about a Porsche being driven dangerously. Officers intercepted the car and asked the driver to show them his documents.

They found that the driving licence was forged, as well as other documents from either Poland or the Netherlands. The officers then verified the driver was German, and 17, under the legal driving age.

The teenager told the officers that he had come to Malaga for a holiday and to see a friend, and admitted that he had acquired the forged documents on the 'deep web' to be able to rent the Porsche, police said.

He was later released following investigations at a National Police station, but as soon as he left, the three men who had rented him the car and who the teenager had contacted through a website he found on the internet, were allegedly waiting for him.

Police sources said they were trying to collect money the teenager owed them, as per the contract he signed. He was told to go to a bank cash machine to withdraw the money and, in the meantime, leave them a watch he was wearing on his wrist, which he claimed was a genuine Rolex valued at 9,000 euros. The three men instead allegedly forced him into the car and drove him to an ATM, where he withdrew 290 euros.

The teenager felt threatened and messaged the friend he had come to see in Malaga, and sent her his live location, sources close to the case said. The girl then went with her mother to the police to report her friend was being held in a car, and provided officers with the exact position of the vehicle, which was travelling in the direction of the western Costa del Sol.

The National Police set up a roadblock and intercepted the car in Marbella, almost an hour later. The three men, all of Lithuanian origin, aged between 22 and 45, and with no previous convictions in Spain, were arrested. The teenager was sent to a juvenile detention centre.

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