Morales and Menor (La Milla) and Villasclaras (El Lago), at the awards ceremony. SUR
Two new 'sun' awards for Malaga province in Spain's Repsol guide for best restaurants

Two new 'sun' awards for Malaga province in Spain's Repsol guide for best restaurants


In the Andalucía region, 19 Malaga restaurants were awarded the prestigious 'sols'; Cadiz province came second with 16, and Cordoba was third with seven

Marina Martínez


Wednesday, 1 March 2023


Malaga province has once again reaffirmed its gastronomic weight. This was highlighted by the Repsol Guide, which presented its latest edition in Alicante on Monday 27 February. In it the province continues to lead in the Andalucía region with 19 restaurants awarded the prestigious Repsol 'sols' ; Cadiz province came second with 16, and Cordoba came third with seven.

El Lago, the restaurant whose kitchens are headed by Fernando Villasclaras at Greenlife Golf, in Marbella, regained the two 'suns' it lost in 2020 with an «elegant and tasty proposal in keeping with an equally distinguished space located on a golf course facing the lake that inspires its name,» the Repsol Guide noted.

«It demonstrates that the much-vaunted kilometre 0 product is in no way at odds with the exercise of haute cuisine,» the guide added.

Also in Marbella, at La Milla, Luis Miguel Menor and César Morales, won over the guide's inspectors with this «luxury beach bar» where its «local produce, especially fish and seafood, stand out«.

The list of all the Malaga restaurants awarded two 'suns' are: Bardal, El Lago, José Carlos García, Kaleja, Los Marinos José and Sollo. And those awarded one Sun are: Arte de Cozina, Cávala, Don Giovanni (Finca Cortesín), Godoy, Kava, La Cosmopolita, La Milla, Leña, Lobito de Mar, Messina, Rei (formerly Kabuki Raw), Ta-Kumi Marbella and Ta-Kumi Malaga.

The Repsol Guide also includes 32 recommended establishments in Malaga province: Albert&Simon, Amador, Arara, Arxiduna, Asador Guadalmina, Back, Balausta, Casa Merchán 1955, Chinchín Puerto, Restaurante del Candado Golf, Dynamit, El Acebuchal, El Ancla, El Merendero de Antonio Martín, El Yantar, Frutos, Jacinto, La Taberna de Mike Palmer, La Tirana, Las Dunas, Marbella Club Grill, Óleo, Palmira-Florida Beach, Parador de Malaga Golf-Especia, Refectorium Malagueta, Rocío Tapas y Sushi, Sarmiento, Savor and Tragatá.

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