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Tourist accommodation regulation in Andalucía to be managed by local councils

Tourist accommodation regulation in Andalucía to be managed by local councils


The Junta's regional minister of Tourism said that a new decree will bring urban planning in this area to town and city halls

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 3 March 2023, 14:26


Tourist rental properties will have to comply with a new regulation that the Junta's regional minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal, wants to come into force before next summer. The decree, which is about to go out for public consultation and which updates the requirements of the 2016 decree, would give local councils to power to limit tourist accommodation lets.

«The previous decree suffered from some problems, with sentences we received regarding regulations that were being carried out by local councils. Now we are focusing on tourism quality in this decree and we are providing the regulatory framework to the municipalities so that they can carry out urban planning. It is an unprecedented element that no other regulation deals with,» Bernal said.

«It is a regulation that aims to control and improve the quality of tourist services. We are not going against any accommodation, but rather to regulate, plan and organise the quality of this service,« Bernal added.

Bernal also said that new requirements will be introduced, such as having a sound level meter to control noise. «In the regulation we have introduced significant elements to improve the quality of housing and we are giving neighbourhood associations tools so that they can decide on this activity in their premises or buildings.»

According to the latest data from the Andalusian Tourism Register, in Malaga province there are 55,093 properties for tourist rental, with a total of 291,674 beds. These figures confirm the exponential growth of this form of accommodation. In 2019, 27,879 holiday homes were registered in the province, with 145,566 beds. Of these, 8,568 properties, with 44,122 beds, are concentrated in Malaga city.

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