This is the moment a galloping horse was safely captured on a Malaga motorway

Local Police officers had to stop the rush-hour traffic and escort the animal, which had escaped from a farm, to the nearest exit


Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 11:48

It was running aimlessly and at a gallop in the middle of a Malaga motorway, but the quick intervention of Casabermeja’s Local Police officers made it possible for a horse that had escaped from a nearby farm to be safely rescued from the A-45.

The incident brought the traffic on the busy road to a halt in the middle of rush-hour traffic last Friday, 6 May.

Several calls from drivers alerted the 112 Andalucía emergency services control room that a horse was loose on the A-45 causing a commotion for people who were heading to Malaga at that time.

Casabermeja Local Police had to go to great lengths to capture the horse that was galloping freely along the motorway. Fortunately, there were no serious incidents and after some 20 minutes the officers managed to move it to safety on the hard-shoulder at kilometre 126.

The owner of the escaped animal, whose documentation was all in order, appeared on the scene and took charge of the situation and tried to reassure the animal. Both were escorted by police officers to the nearest exit, where they were able to make sure that the animal was in a good condition despite the scare.




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