Thieves make off with designer-label clothes during early morning raid on Plaza Mayor store

Thieves make off with designer-label clothes during early morning raid on Plaza Mayor store

It is the second incident suffered by the same business in just over a month and, in both cases, the burglars fled with several exclusive brand-name garments such as Armani and Versace

Wednesday, 6 March 2024, 09:23


The burglar alarms went off at around four o'clock on Tuesday morning (5 March) when thieves broke into a shop specialising in exclusive brand name clothing in the Plaza Mayor shopping centre on the outskirts of Malaga city. They succeeded after smashing a hole in the glass of the shop window. However, they were not after money from the till, but the clothes hanging on the racks, from brands such as Armani and Versace. The thieves apparently fled the scene using two large vehicles.

When security guards were alerted, the alleged thieves were already making their getaway from the shopping centre, according to sources, and the staff immediately alerted the Local and National Police.

Apparently the thieves used a sledgehammer to smash the window and, in just a couple of minutes, they fled the shop taking a number of clothes and luxury brand products. The exact value of the haul is not yet known. National Police officers are investigating to see if they are the same people who carried out another raid just a few weeks ago, in the early hours of 18 January.

That night, the same shop was broken into, although on that occasion the thieves rammed a vehicle through the window. However, the consequences were almost identical: the thieves fled with exclusive brand-name products, knowing their high value. The cash register was also left untouched on that occasion.

Unlike the latest incident, the alarms did not go off and the store staff did not know about the burglary until the following morning. However, in neither case was there any personal injury, as pointed out by sources at the the shopping centre, which is fully cooperating with the investigation and has provided the police with footage from the cameras on the premises.

"We regret what happened, we reaffirm our commitment to the safety of shoppers and traders, and we assure the use of all available resources to maintain security in our facilities," said Plaza Mayor officials in a statement.

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