The camera on the A-7 near El Palo catches more speeding vehicles in the province. Migue Fernández
Of the 50 speed cams issuing most fines in Spain, seven are in Malaga province

Of the 50 speed cams issuing most fines in Spain, seven are in Malaga province

The top camera for fines in the province in 2022 was the radar at El Palo on the city's eastbound ring road with 47,764 tickets

Francisco Jiménez


Friday, 30 June 2023, 11:13

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Seven of the 50 static speed cameras installed by the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) that record the most fines in the entire country are located on roads in Malaga province. With 47,764 vehicles caught out in 2022, the speed camera located on the eastbound side of the A-7, between the Cerrado de Calderón and El Palo exits, was once again the most active in the province, although for 2022 it was relegated to fourth position in Spain. In 2020 it was in top spot with 48,771, and in 2021 third with 47,246.

Heading up the nationwide list are the two cameras on the Jerez-Los Barrios dual carriageway (A-381) with 79,258 and 68,321 tickets respectively. Joining them on the leaders' podium is one of the cameras installed on the A-7 as it passes through Valencia province.

In the DGT report on The 50 Static Speed Cameras Most Ignored by Drivers, apart from the one located near El Palo, there's another Malaga one in the Top 10 (sixth) with 44,244 fines issued. Where? Ten kilometres further east of Malaga city on the A-7, but on the Malaga-bound carriageway, just before the Rincón de la Victoria turn-off.

In third place for the province for vehicles exceeding the speed limit (29,601 fines) are the cameras that clock average speed as vehicles enter and leave the A-7 tunnel near Torrox, heading towards Nerja.

Outside the city

Another classic that could not be left out in this report is the speed cam in the Carlos Haya underpass in the city (26th nationally). The radar, located on the old west ring road (now the MA-20), caught out 21,951 vehicles. One of the two average speed checkpoints on Las Pedrizas motorway (A-45) towards Malaga came in 34th with 16,695 drivers booked. Still worthy of mention? Yes, but nothing like its first years of service (from mid-2014), with fines catapulting it to number one for all Spain. In more recent years there has been a drop in activity due to the fact that the cameras spend more time switched off in response to the drop in the accident rate along this section of road, but also because more and more users are choosing to use the toll road (AP-46) to avoid being caught out in the event of exceeding 80km/h.

Two speed cameras located on single carriageways also stand out in these rankings. Firstly, the one on the A-356 between Vélez and La Viñuela reservoir with 13,724 fines issued (47th in the country as a whole). Just behind is the one on the A-384 near Almargen, with a 2022 tally of 13,487.

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