Francisco Salado and Kika Caracuel, this Wednesday, at the Diputación SUR
Provincial authority announces 204 million euros for Malaga municipalities
Malaga province

Provincial authority announces 204 million euros for Malaga municipalities

The condition of the funding allocation is that 30% of the money goes towards helping combat drought

Matías Stuber

Friday, 5 April 2024, 11:10


Malaga’s provincial authority, the Diputación, has announced 204.3 million to help fund the province's municipalities over the next four years, with 30% of it to go towards drought-stricken communities.

The funding framework, Provincial Assistance and Cooperation Plan 2025-2029, is the main funding tool for the province's municipalities. Diputación president Francisco Salado gave details about the plan this Wednesday, where one crucial condition of the funding is that councils must dedicate 30% of the funding they receive to help combat drought.

The Partido Popular government team considered the current lack of water "the most serious problem" in Malaga province. The 204.3 million euros is a 14% increase compared to the same plan for the period 2020-2024. They want to approve the new plan in the April plenary session with the support of all political groups. However, official PSOE sources told SUR, the government team could not currently count on the Socialists' support.

"We have tried to reach the maximum consensus and, in principle, on 26 March, the multi-annual plan was agreed with all the groups, but finally the PSOE has decided to withdraw from the agreement and break the unanimity we had reached," Salado said.

The president of the provincial authority said the funds to be allocated to the municipalities will also go towards initiatives which are aiming to pay special attention to actions that contribute to combating depopulation in small towns, particularly municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

The funding will be allocated as follows: in 2025, 39.8 million euros and in 2026 the same amount. In 2027 and 2028, 41.2 million euros will be allocated each year and 42.2 million euros will be allocated in 2029.

When it comes to combating drought, the Diputación is focusing on municipalities investing in infrastructures that will aim to save water.

Water projects high priority

In addition to work related to improving water supply or sewerage and filtering, other measures will also include the digitalisation of water distribution and consumption. Innovative programmes, such as, for example, the improvement of irrigation systems in parks and gardens or the use of mulching techniques so plants consume less water will also be high on the list to receive funding.

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