Tesla superchargers being installed at Malaga's Plaza Mayor retail park. Miguel Fernandez
Tesla boosts its supercharger network for electric cars in Malaga province

Tesla boosts its supercharger network for electric cars in Malaga province

The high-speed charging points at two new locations are expected to be fully operational before the summer

Ignacio Lillo


Monday, 1 May 2023, 11:40


Tesla, the leading manufacturer of electric cars in the world, has reinforced its commitment to the technology in Malaga city and in the province, with a new deployment of superchargers (high-power charging points) in strategic locations for drivers.

The company, which has had a charging station at El Higuerón since 2018, is finalising the installation of another dozen of its distinctive power outlets on one of the parking areas at the Plaza Mayor retail park in Malaga city. This was confirmed to SUR by some local owners of these vehicles, who said that several of the new points will be "of the latest generation", with the capacity to charge at a rate of 250 kilowatt hours.

This type of charger can add up to 275 kilometres of driving range in 15 minutes, according to the information available on the Tesla website, which means the possibility of replenishing up to 80% of the battery level after a brief stop.

It is expected that the new supply points in Plaza Mayor will be operational before summer, according to the information given by Tesla to its customers. This will be the company's first supercharger station in Malaga city, where there are already lower power points in several hotels and shopping centres.


With a view to making things easier for drivers who need to travel between Malaga and other destinations in Andalucía and across Spain, Tesla is also finalising the installation of another similar facility at a key point on the N-331, near Antequera. That is also expected to be operational before the summer.

Until now, drivers of Tesla cars had the charging station of the El Higuerón hotel in Fuengirola as their main reference point on the Costa del Sol. After a recent update, four supercharger points are available with a recharging rate of 250 kilowatt hours; plus another seven at 150 kWh.




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