Archaeologists have recently begun working on the castle in Teba. / PRINMA

Teba pays tribute to its Scottish heritage with its Douglas Days

The town will commemorate Sir James Douglas, who fought and was killed in the Battle of Teba in 1330, when he was on his way to the Holy Land with the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce


Teba will be commemorating its Scottish origins from 25 to 28 August, with its ‘Douglas Days’ in memory of Scottish nobleman Sir James Douglas and his role in the Battle of Teba in 1330, during which he lost his life.

As well as highlighting the fusion of Teba’s Scottish and Andalusian traditions and gastronomy, this festival, which has been declared a Unique Tourism Event by the Malaga provincial authority and is in its 16th year, also focuses on sites of historical interest in the town, especially St. Bride’s church (where the heart and remains of Sir James Douglas are buried) and the Estrella castle.

This year, the story of Braveheart is a central theme, featuring the heroic deeds of Sir James Douglas, who fought with the Christian army in the Batle of Teba, under the command of Castilian King Alfonso XI, to take the strategic Estrella castle from the Emir Muhammed IV of Granada. Sir James died in that battle, still carrying the embalmed heart of Scots King Robert 1 (Robert the Bruce), en route to the Holy Land.

The festivities include the traditional historical re-enactment through the streets of Teba and in the Estrella castle, guided tours, a medieval market with music and a medieval encampment, and also Arabic and Celtic music, a Moorish and Scottish tapas route and workshops in pottery, coin minting and glass blowing, among others.

Teba council has expressed its thanks to the numerous cultural associations who collaborate with the organisation of the Douglas Days, including the Saint Andrew´s Society of Gibraltar, the Alzar el Vuelo cultural association, the Hisn Atiba association, the Order of the Knights Templar of St Michael and the Scottish cultural association The Strathleven Artizans.