The umbrellas were out on Tuesday in Malaga city centre. SALVADOR SALAS

Sunny skies and high temperatures forecast for the remainder of Easter week

After rain halted some of the Semana Santa processions on Tuesday, the mercury is expected to reach 24 degrees on the Costa del Sol and up to 26 inland during the rest of Holy Week in Malaga


Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 10:19


The weather forecast is looking perfect for the remainder of Easter week in Malaga, after localised downpours prevented some of the huge Semana Santa processions taking to the streets of Malaga on Tuesday.

From this Holy Wednesday, 13 April, to Easter Monday, Spain’s national Met Office forecasts that the skies throughout the province will be sunny for most of the time, with no risk of rain or strong gusts of wind, and with temperatures clearly on the rise.

The director of Aemet in Malaga, Jesús Riesco, explains that the weather trough that left isolated showers in different parts of the city and the province on Tuesday, will move away today towards the eastern provinces of Andalucía where it will continue to produce rain.

Indeed, that same movement will benefit the entire province of Malaga and bring stabilised weather. Today only brief and isolated showers are expected in some inland areas, but by the afternoon the risk of rain will disappear completely and it will continue like this during the Holy Week holidays and at least until Easter Monday, according to the Aemet forecast.

In addition to the clear skies and sun that will encourage people to fill the beaches and bars, the most notable thing will be the steady rise in temperatures. The Malaga meteorologist explains that the mercury will reach 24C, especially during the weekend, and be even higher inland. For example, in Antequera it is expected to be 26 degrees. In Seville, the temperature could even exceed 30C.

José Luis Escudero, an amateur meteorologist and the author of the Tormentas y Rayos blog on SUR, agrees that the pocket of cold air will reach Murcia and most likely it will not affect Malaga province, but it could leave downpours in the Andalusian provinces of Granada, Almeria and Jaen.

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