Two hospital workers with a Covid-19 patient. / SUR

Significant daily rise in Covid infections in the province as 1,721 patients reported recovered

The Junta’s Ministry of Health has confirmed 2,777 coronavirus positives in the Malaga health districts in the last 24 hours, some 1,672 more than the day before

Ángel Escalera

The sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is by no means over in Spain. The Omicron variant, more infectious than previous strains, causes the number of new infections to continue to grow.

This Thursday, 20 January, there was once again a significant upturn in the number of positive tests with another 2,777 reported in Malaga province (1,672 more than 24 hours earlier), bringing the total number to 224,733 detected in the almost two years of pandemic through diagnostic tests for an active infection, which include PCR and antigen tests.

In Andalucía there has also been a notable increase in daily infections, going from 7,416 on Wednesday to 17,548 today, that is some 10,132 more, bringing the total number to 1,175,585.

These are the official figures, but the real ones are even higher, since fewer tests have been done since the end of December and these are only carried out in the case of unvaccinated people, immunosuppressed patients and patients with more serious symptoms of suffering from Covid.

Another element to take into account is that of patients who die after suffering an infection caused by the virus. So far this month, 55 people have died in the province of Malaga, compared to 50 deaths in December and the 20 in November, once the five deaths confirmed this Thursday are included in the statistics. The total number of Covid-19 deaths in the province is now 2,116 since the first one was recorded in Malaga on 13 March, 2020. In the Andalusian region as a whole there have been another 31 deaths, which has raised the pandemic death toll to 11,845.

Meanwhile, in Malaga province, another 1,721 patients are reported to have overcome the infection and in Andalucía, some 8,673. The total number of people recovered rises to 180,173 and 914,311, respectively.