Seven teenagers arrested for bullying a disabled classmate for years in Malaga

Seven teenagers arrested for bullying a disabled classmate for years in Malaga

Investigations have discovered that the youths used social media to humiliate and threaten the victim, who was attending the same school, to the point that he feared for his life

Irene Quirante

Thursday, 19 October 2023, 00:22

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National Police have arrested seven teenagers in Malaga for allegedly bullying another pupil from their school who has a disability. The youths, all under 18, supposedly targeted their victim by using a group chat to make fun of him, humiliate him, and threaten him. The situation progressively worsened to the point that the boy feared for his life.

Police investigators found that the victim had been suffering bullying since at least the 2021/2022 school year. After a complaint from his legal guardians, the police discovered the school had sent various reports that school year about the bullying that these seven teenagers had allegedly taken part in.

The last incident of bullying was the final straw for the victim who chose to speak up, believing his life was under threat. According to the police, the suspects created a chat on a known social media platform and added their bullying target to continue the abuse online.

The police discovered that the aggressors made false statements in the conversations to trick the victim, and to supposedly threaten to reveal his home address. All of this created a lot of anxiety for him.

Although the victim is highly capable of being independent, he has a disablitiy which worried both his parents and the police, as the incessant bullying he suffered could have hampered his development.

The seven teenagers who were arrested on suspicion of an offence against moral integrity, were put in front of the public prosecutor for juveniles in Malaga, who later ordered their release.

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