Seven arrested in Malaga province for extortion and robbing dating app users

Seven arrested in Malaga province for extortion and robbing dating app users

The gang allegedly lured their victims to a meeting place and then threatened them with knives to force them to make money transfers

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Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 17:27


National Police officers have arrested seven people in Malaga, six men and one woman, including two underage youths, for their alleged involvement in 14 robberies with violence and membership of a criminal organisation.

The perpetrators contacted their victims through apps, mainly dating applications. When they met, they threatened them with knives or violence so that they would make money transactions to the account of one of the gang. The victims were told by the gang they would be robbed or they would steal from their homes if they did not comply.

To date the group have been charged with fourteen robberies with violent intimidation, carried out at various locations in Malaga province, the National Police said in a statement.

Officers from Investigation Group II, from the North District Police Headquarters, started the investigation as a result of complaints lodged by several victims, in which they stated that, after having gone on a date with a stranger, arranged through an app, they had been victims of threats and robberies with violence and intimidation.

The victims had contacted strangers via an app, arranging a meeting either at the victim's own home or at the home of the other person. The assailant, who had previously created a false profile on the app, would go to the meeting and facilitate access to the place for the rest of the members of the organisation to carry out the robbery. Gang members did not hesitate to use violence.

The group took advantage of the fact that most of the victims were reluctant to report these acts, either because they were ashamed or because they had a partner.

Some of those detained have long criminal records, having previously been involved in crimes against property.

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