A group of schoolchildren on the first day of school this year outside the Revello de Toro school. Marilú Báez
This is the calendar for the 2024/25 school year in Malaga province

This is the calendar for the 2024/25 school year in Malaga province

The provincial education board has provisionally approved the timetable which sets the start of the school year and lists the public holidays and long 'bridge' weekends

Francisco Gutiérrez


Friday, 31 May 2024, 18:19

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As the school year for 2023/24 draws to a close, the 2024/25 school year begins to take shape. The provincial education board has provisionally approved the school calendar, which sets the start of the school year, public holidays and bank holidays for the next 2024/25. The current school year will end on Friday the 21 June for primary school pupils and on Monday the 24 June for the rest of the school year.

According to the approved timetable, classes will begin on Tuesday 10 September for pupils in the second cycle of pre-school (3 to 5 years), primary and special education. A few days later, on Monday 16 September, classes will begin for secondary, sixth form and vocational training students. Also on 16 September, the academic year will begin for elementary and professional artistic education (music, dance and fine arts and design) and adult continuing education.

For language and higher artistic courses, the start of the academic year has been set for Friday 20 September. The academic year 2024/25 will end on Monday 23 June in the case of primary education and on Tuesday 24 for the rest of the courses.

Holidays and long weekends

The 2025 calendar allows for few four-day 'puente' (bridge) weekends, as many of the public holidays fall on Fridays, Mondays or even Saturdays. This is the case of 12 October, a public holiday, which falls on a Saturday. All Saints' Day, 1 November, falls on a Friday. And the public holidays in December fall on a Friday (the 6th, Constitution Day) and the 8th, (Immaculate Conception Day) which falls on a Monday.

The four-day weekend can only be made to coincide with Labour Day, 1 May, which is a Thursday.

The school calendar in Malaga province of Malaga maintains its 'Semana Blanca' (winter half term), between 24 February (Monday) and 28 February (Friday), which includes the Andalucía Day holiday. The Christmas holidays will be between 21 December (Saturday) and 6 January (Monday).

Holy Week holidays will be from 14 to 16 April, encompassing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Local public holidays that fall on non-teaching dates (in school holidays) are recovered on 7 January (together with Epiphany, which is Monday) and 2 May (a Friday, which will allow for a long weekend together with 1 May, Labour Day), when the two local public holidays coincide with this holiday period. In localities with a local holiday in a non-teaching period, 2 May is also recovered.

In the case of schools whose two local holidays coincide with the school term, the two corresponding local holidays will be public holidays.

For pre-school, primary and special education, the calendar includes 178 teaching days and 890 hours of direct teaching, including breaks. In secondary, sixth-form and vocational training there are 175 teaching days.

The period from 1 to 10 September in pre-school and primary education, or from 1 to 16 September in secondary, sixth-form and vocational training, will be devoted to the development of activities for the planning of the academic year, such as the programming of teaching, teaching coordination and other activities related to school organisation.

The ordinary school year for primary school ends on 23 June, and on 24 June for the rest of the school year. For the second year of sixth-form, the end of the academic year is brought forward to the third week of May.

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