Daniel Román after flying through Ronda's New Bridge.

Watch the spectacular video of the Ronda birdman

Red Bull has published a documentary of Daniel Román’s flight over the town and his nail-biting passage under the iconic bridge over the Tajo gorge

Vanessa Melgar

Wednesday, 15 February 2023, 15:49


Red Bull has published on its YouTube channel a documentary of the mesmerising flight of the birdman Daniel Román in Ronda last autumn.

Wearing his specialised flight suit Román flew under the 15-metre central arch of the town’s New Bridge at a speed of more than 280 kilometres per hour.

The documentary (in Spanish) shows how the flight was prepared and the massive amount of training - a year’s work went into producing the flight of 20 seconds. Román, who is from Jaén, had long wanted to attempt this flight. He said four or five years ago the technology was not possible to do it.

The film shows Ronda in a new light and other landmarks such as the Arab baths also feature.


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