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'I want the world to know about Cortes de la Frontera'
Local elections 2023

'I want the world to know about Cortes de la Frontera'

PSOE Cortes de la Frontera ·

Julie Wilkinson wants to promote the natural environment and generate prospects in digital industries in the town in the Serranía de Ronda

Anna Clift


Thursday, 18 May 2023


Julie Wilkinson, 61, from Durham, was a Labour party activist back home in the UK and is now 7th on the PSOE candidate list in Cortes de la Frontera.

As well as living in various places across the UK and eventually settling in West Yorkshire, she also had a second home in Cortes de la Frontera which she moved to permanently in April 2018.

Julie is an active member of the community and has been involved in various projects, such as cleaning up the Río Guadiaro after flash floods in October 2018. She has also campaigned for a better local train service, road improvements and the promotion of ecotourism. She stresses her passion for her village and the need to preventing it from becomming a "ghost town".

She believes the PSOE party in Cortes de la Frontera is made up of a team with 'careers and experience in key areas needed here' including tourism, social welfare and entrepreneurship.

Julie is contributing to this team through her business and IT skills, with the hopes of fostering "new business opportunities and employment prospects in digital industries." She also wants "better promotion of our natural environment and traditions", emphasising the natural beauty that is to be found in the area. "I want the world to know about Cortes de la Frontera."

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