National Police station offices in Ronda. SUR
Twelve people arrested in connection with fake documents for foreign migrant registrations in Ronda

Twelve people arrested in connection with fake documents for foreign migrant registrations in Ronda

The ringleader of the scheme allegedly sold, for between 200 and 400 euros a time, false rental contracts to help people apply for residence and work permits

Vanessa Melgar


Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 15:55


National Police officers have arrested 12 people in connection with the falsification of registration documents for foreign migrants.

The ringleader of the scheme allegedly charged them between 200 and 400 euros for fake rental contracts, which were then presented when applying for temporary residence and work permits for foreigners who have been living in Spain for three years under an irregular situation scheme.

Investigations led to the discovery of 13 people who had registered at two addresses in Ronda over a six-month period. Those detained are charged with an alleged offence of using forged documents, and the ringleader with an offence of encouraging illegal migration.

"The fraudulent rental contracts were presented by the interested parties for their registration on the municipal census in properties in which they did not really reside, with 13 registrations detected in a period of six months. The ultimate purpose of these documents was to be attached to the application for a 'roots report' to prove social integration and, subsequently, to obtain a residence permit," police said.

Ronda town hall handed over information to the police after detecting a large number of suspicious applications for the permits. "The interested parties would have provided the registration in the town of Ronda and work contracts to carry out a paid activity in another Andalusian province," according to investigators.

National Police located the individuals and discovered they were working in Almeria province, while the inhabitants of the two houses in question in Ronda were unaware of the situation.

"The main person under investigation (a resident in Ronda) would regularly travel the Ronda-Almeria route, taking and bringing third-country nationals who had to carry out immigration procedures to regularise their administrative situation," police added.

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