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Tourist bus companies unhappy at new parking fees in Ronda

Tourist bus companies unhappy at new parking fees in Ronda

The sector is calling for a review of the 40-euro-a-day fee for parking in a car park they describe as "wasteland"

Vanessa Melgar

Friday, 19 April 2024, 14:32


The provincial association of transport businesses and agencies of Malaga, APETAM, has expressed its dissatisfaction with the creation in Ronda of a tourist bus park with a fee of 40 euros per day, and has asked the town hall to review this amount as it considers it to be a "disproportionate measure". In addition, the association has insisted that the space, located next to the Ángel Harillo fairground, is a "wasteland".

It was already being used for parking by dozens of these vehicles that arrive in Ronda daily. The buses have to drop off their passengers at the station, located in the vecinity of the town centre, and head for the car park. The fee is now 20 euros from 8am to 2pm, and another 20 euros from 2pm to 8pm, from Monday to Saturday, although no further charge will be made if these hours are exceeded.

The town hall pointed out that the measure was approved unanimously in the corresponding plenary session and that no complaints were presented. The council explained that the aim was to regularise the traffic generated by these vehicles, which, not having a parking space, were parked in areas on the outskirts of the town. The council also argued that the necessary services would be offered to drivers.

"They will find all the guarantees and comforts to be able to park the buses in order to promote sustainable mobility and improve the flow of traffic in the town," explained the councillors for traffic and contracting, Ignacio Alonso and Jorge Fernández, respectively.

APETAM claimed that payment of the fee does not entail any associated services, giving as an example that payment for the use of toilets in the area is also necessary.

"It is a disproportionate and arbitrary measure that has not been agreed with the sector and that will have consequences. We foresee that tourist visits to Ronda will decrease significantly until a consensus is reached with the sector," Antonio Vázquez, President of APETAM, said, while pointing out that "drivers do not arrive with cash or company cards to pay these fees".

"We do not believe it is appropriate to oblige private transport, which works on a daily basis to bring tourists to Ronda with its own plans of offers and tourist packages, to pay a tax without reaching a consensus with the sector," insisted Vázquez, who spoke of a "third-world" image of buses "waiting on the roadsides of other municipalities".

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