The bridge in the Italian town. SUR
Ronda plans to twin with this strikingly similar southern Italian town

Ronda plans to twin with this strikingly similar southern Italian town

Just like the popular Malaga province tourist destination that is a popular day trip from the Costa del Sol, Gravina in Puglia also features a historic bridge that spans a gorge as well as a rich history and well-known reputation for its olive oil, cheese and wine production

Vanessa Melga

Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 14:32


Ronda council plans to officially "twin" with an Italian town that has a similar bridge to its own, and is located in a national park above ravines and canyons.

The location Ronda has its eyes on is Gravina in the southern Italian region of Puglia. Its population is 40,000 and is located in the Alta Murgia national park. Both destinations also share similarities in their gastronomic wealth, particularly their wine production.

Councillor Jesús Vázquez recently signed an agreement of intentions with Gravina mayor Fedele Lagreca. The two pointed out the many common denominators "that bring them [the towns] together despite their distance, such as the appearance of their two bridges, which connect both parts of the city, a rich historical past, similar monuments, such as caves and grottoes, the production of oils, cheeses and wines and an economy very focused on agricultural and livestock production," they said.

The Italian town has also shown great interest in learning about Ronda's tourism development model, as it plans to increase its profile among visitors. "The intention is to have continuous contact with the professionals of the municipal company Turismo de Ronda, S.A.," Vázquez said.

Gravina has 42,520 inhabitants and is located in the province of Bari, in the Puglia region. Its economy is based on agri-food production, livestock farming, the manufacture of furniture and armchairs, as well as robotics. A Gravina delegation is expected to visit Ronda in the near future.

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