Daniel Román, the 'birdman', to fly under Ronda bridge

Daniel Román, the 'birdman', to fly under Ronda bridge

The jumper will stun spectators as he soars over the famous Tajo gorge in his flying suit


Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 13:09


The elite jumper Daniel Román plans to fly under the Ronda bridge, according to Ronda councillor Ángel Martinez.

The Red Bull athlete will first take a motorised flight, passing through the arch of the famous monument, which stands at a height of 100 metres above the Tajo gorge, then continue alone in his 'birdman' suit and finally use a parachute to help his descent.

"It is a spectacular challenge," said Martinez who added that Román had expressly chosen Ronda for his latest flight.

It is not known when the jump will take place, as the weather conditions must be ideal but Ronda town hall will announce the flight beforehand. This Friday, at 4pm, it is hoped that there will be an exhibition, when traffic closures are planned.

Román, also known as the new crown prince of skydiving, has been travelling since 2016 to different locations, different skies, "always in search of new horizons to cross, whether parachuting, BASE jumping, freefly coaching, wingsuit and, above all, having a lot of fun", Red Bull said in a statement.

A native of Jaén, Román made his first jump in 2009 and among his feats is the first wingsuit flight in a wind tunnel, among others.

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