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Contract awarded to replace railway level crossing in Ronda

Contract awarded to replace railway level crossing in Ronda

The 630,000-euro project involves the automated crossing on the Bobadilla-Algeciras line and includes the remodelling of the the busy thoroughfare for vehicles and pedestrians

Vanessa Melgar


Friday, 31 May 2024

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The national government in Madrid has awarded the contract for work to begin on removing the level crossing with automatic barriers located in the El Fuerte area in Ronda. The project budget amounts to almost 630,000 euros - IVA (Spain's sales tax) included. The contract goes to the company Canteras de Almargen, S. L. The automated level crossing that stands at kilometre point 70/696 along the railway line RFIG 420 BIF just down the track from Ronda railway station. The work will take five months to complete.

The project involves dismantling the entire level crossing, which is at the edge of the town centre where it joins the industrial estate. This is a very busy area on a daily basis, both for pedestrians and vehicles. On top of that, however, the town hall - along with the collaboration of other funding bodies - is carrying out various improvement projects in the same location.

One of those projects is the building of the new bus station. Work on this was at a standstill for some months, but work has now been authorised to resume. Other projects include the road being created to connect Calle Guadalcobacín with Calle Dolores Ibárruri, the admin block at Rodríguez Delgado secondary school is being refurbished and enlarged, and an elevated footbridge is being built to cross the railway tracks. All these projects are inter-related with the aim of getting the whole area into better shape.

The removal of the automated level crossing will involve altering the bridge nicknamed the school access bridge at kilometre point 70/872, only a few metres along from the level crossing. Once the new bus station is built, buses will enter from Calle Guadalcobacín and connect with Avenida Victoria via Calle Dolores Ibárruri. All other vehicles will be accessing and using the latter two streets too.

A 14-metre wide overpass will also be built, with a paved walkway for pedestrians, handrails and anti-vandalism railings.

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