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Public prosecution seeks more than 50 years in prison for 'El Melillero' for Cártama acid attack

The indictment lists five offences, ranging from attempted murder to criminal gang membership


The public prosecutor's office is seeking 51 years and six months in prison for José Arcadio D. N., known as 'El Melillero', for the acid attack against his ex-partner and a friend, which left them with life-long injuries.

In its written statement, the prosecutor's office considers that the accused committed five crimes, ranging from double attempted murder to membership of a criminal organisation, in addition to harassment, continued abuse and threats.

The events occurred in January 2021. According to the prosecutor's office, 'El Melillero' hatched a plan which ended with the throwing of sulphuric acid against his ex-partner "with the aim of making an attempt on her life, causing her the most extreme pain and with express contempt for her feminine gender, being his ultimate aim of humiliation, domination, subordination and objectification, ending with his pro-meditated act of extreme pain before ending her life and that of her companion".

The prosecution maintains that the defendants belong to a criminal organisation dedicated mainly to drug trafficking and occasionally to crimes against property. In this organisation, 'El Melillero' - also known as 'El Negro' - acted as the leader, while the defendant A. K. acted as his "right-hand man".

The prosecution maintains that at around 2.10pm on 12 January 2021, 'El Melillero' was driving a vehicle in which another of the defendants, J. J. G. R., was the co-pilot. Inside that vehicle they were carrying a litre of sulphuric acid which J.J.G. threw into the vehicle in which the two victims were travelling after being ordered to do so by 'El Melillero'.

The prosecutor reports that the defendant followed his boss's order, "while the defendant J.A.D.N. ('El Melillero') laughed and watched, making sure of the result he had foreseen".

In another episode on an unspecified day prior to and close to the day of the aggression, 'El Melillero', according to the prosecutor's account, met the victim at a petrol station, to whom he said: "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to ruin your life, I'm going to destroy your beautiful face. I swear on my son."

The prosecutor's office is seeking the following charges: two crimes of attempted murder (17 years in prison for each one); one of belonging to a criminal organisation (seven years), two of serious threats (two years for each crime), another two of harassment (two years for each) and a crime of continued mistreatment, for which 30 months in prison is sought. Although some of the other petitions vary, the public prosecutor's office is seeking 34 years of imprisonment, for the two attempted murders, for the other four defendants in the case.

It also requests that the defendants, jointly and severally, compensate the ex-partner of 'El Melillero' for injuries and after-effects to the amount of 1,133,401.28 euros, and another 312,522.22 euros to her friend.