Striking members of the SMA medical union in Seville. SUR
Primary health care strike in Malaga province supported by 20% of staff, union claims

Primary health care strike in Malaga province supported by 20% of staff, union claims

The Junta de Andalucía's ministry of Health disputes the figure, saying it was just over four per cent

Iván Gelibter


Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 17:14


According to the Junta de Andalucía's ministry of Health, just 4.27% of the total number of primary care staff in Malaga province took part in the strike called by the SMA medical union on Wednesday, 12 April, which represented a total of 28 professionals. However, the organisation that called the strike claimed a 20% attendance, saying that this was the percentage of doctors who could take part.

The ministry had previously stated on Tuesday that urgent and emergency care minimum services would not be affected by the industrial action.

The calculation of the number of minimum service professionals was based on the criterion of "guaranteeing attention to approximately 30% of the consultations" that occur regularly in each centre. In those centres where only one professional was available on a shift, this had to be maintained as a minimum service. In those centres where there were three professionals, the minimum services were covered by at least one professional.

The Junta de Andalucía stressed that the calculation of these percentages would be based on the actual staffing levels. The regional government said of the 4,872 professionals working across the region on the Wednesday morning shift, 157 supported the strike. By provinces, Almeria had a strike attendance rate of 1.75%; Cadiz, 3.38%; Cordoba, 1.99%; Granada, 3.21%; Huelva, 2.51%; Jaén, 2.42%; and Seville, 4.38%

This strike, held on Primary Care Day, was according to the SMA medical union, due to the fact that the Junta is delaying the implementation of the Primary Care agreement and doctors continue to endure "excessive pressure".

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