Mayor of Malaga Francisco de la Torre, 80, who is standing for reelection, on Thursday. Ñ. SALAS
Posters go up as local election campaign gets under way
Local elections

Posters go up as local election campaign gets under way

Residents are called to elect their new council members on Sunday 28 May after two weeks of official campaigning

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Friday, 12 May 2023


Spain's cities, towns and villages can now expect two weeks of smiles, promises and hand-shaking on the part of their local politicians as the two-week local election campaign officially got under way on Thursday night.

The municipal elections will take place on Sunday 28 May when residents in all 103 municipalities of Malaga province are called to the polls.

Voters will elect 1,215 councillors who will then invest 105 mayors (103 town halls and two "local autónomos entities" - Bobadilla Estación and Estación de Gaucín-El Colmenar).

The results of these local elections will also decide the future distribution of seats on the provincial authority, known as the Diputación.

Candidates standing for election in Malaga province represent some 52 different parties, coalitions and groups, although many of these are small local independent groups.

In most other areas of Spain, including Madrid, Valencia region and the Balearics, regional elections will also be held on 28 May, giving voters a double date with the ballot box. In the case of Andalucía, however, regional elections were held last year.

Ministers of the Spanish government are expected to play a prominent role in the campaigning, as the country's general election is due before the end of this year.

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