Miguel Ángel Rodríguez collects a pacakage that a courier has left in the Pomopack. MIGUE FERNANDEZ
Malaga inventor patents new way of receiving packages delivered by courier when not at home

Malaga inventor patents new way of receiving packages delivered by courier when not at home

The Pomopack is a bag which can be locked, hooked to the door of your home and it is already for sale on the internet



Monday, 20 February 2023, 20:43


Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Llamas was, like many people, frequently caught away from home, when a package would arrive for delivery by a courier. From the frustration of missing deliveries, the idea of the Pomopack arose, meaning Migel and now you can receive deliveries without being at home and with no need to bother the neighbours.

The entrepreneur, born in Seville, studied international trade and marketing in the United States and works in the import and export industry. This has given him experience in dealing with manufacturers abroad and customs processes.

In the summer of 2021, he began to think of cost-effective solutions to this problem of missed deliveries. "I was looking for something that, at an affordable price, would give me the freedom of movement I needed." This is how he came up with the idea of making a bag made of a resistant material, which is hooked to the doorknob of the home and can be locked securely.

“If you are waiting for a courier with a package, you give him the combination so he can open the Pomopack, put the package in and close it again; so that when you come back from work or from doing any errand you find the package waiting for you”

The bag, made of polyester, is waterproof and resistant and can fit large boxes into it, "even two or three if they are small” When the Pomopack is not needed it can be folded away and stored.

It took Migel a year and a half of model development. The first thing was to design the invention and manufacture a cardboard prototype, as well as calculate the size of the most common packages received.

The next step was to devise how to lock the bag; he opted for a code system attached to the zip, similar to luggage and suitcases. And for the grip on the doorknob, he opted for reusable plastic ties, which only open from inside the bag.

Although security is never 100% guaranteed, he confirmed that to take the bag they would have to tear it up or cut it, "and it's not that easy." In his opinion, it will help give “people peace of mind and free time”.

Only on sale for a month and a half, and without advertising, one or two units a day are being sold, both on the brand's website and on Amazon, for 25 euros.


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