The 'Impartial' was found by the road between Puerto de la Torre and Almogía. / sur

Bomb squad deactivates Spanish Civil War hand grenade in Puerto de la Torre

In another recent incident a grenade and a mortar shell were found during ground-clearing works in Torremolinos and made safe by officers from TEDAX


In the Spanish Civil War there was a type of hand grenade known as ‘the Impartial’ because it was equally unsafe no matter which of the two sides was handling it. A few weeks ago, one of these artefacts was found in Puerto de la Torre, in Malaga, and had to be deactivated by police explosives specialists.

The police received a phone call to inform them that the grenade had been spotted in Arroyo de Casasola, on the road between Puerto de la Torre and Almogía. Officer from the TEDAX squad went to investigate, and confirmed that it was indeed an ‘Impartial’, a model FAI fragmentation grenade dating back to the civil war.

Because it would have been too dangerous to move it elsewhere, the police decided to neutralise it on the sport. They cordoned off the area first and then, using the equipment they had brought with them, proceeded to detonate the device.


This was the second incident of its type in a few days, because on 22 April at around 10.40am, police were informed that two artefacts had been appeared during ground-clearing works in Torremolinos. Those turned out to be a ‘pineapple’ M31 fragmentation grenade and a mortar shell, both of which were used during the civil war. The TEDAX officers deactivated them both.

The police say that if anyone comes across a device of this type, they should not touch it, pick it up or try to move it elsewhere. They should keep as far away from it as they can and immediately ring the police. They insist that it is very important not to trust the fact that a grenade looks as if it has deteriorated; on many occasions the interior is intact and if it explodes it will cause severe injuries and material damage.