Cutters wants hairdressers who have some computer knowledge and can speak some English. / sur

Job opportunities abroad for English-speaking hairdressers on the coast

The Finnish firm Cutters is looking for 60 professionals to work in its salons in Norway, Sweden and Finland. They must have some computer knowledge and be available to start work at the beginning of May


The Finnish hairdressing firm Cutters has decided that Malaga and the Costa del Sol is the ideal place to find talented staff to work in Norway, Sweden and Finland, countries in which it has more than 120 salons.

The firm is looking for 60 hairdressers and is using the Grupo Crit recruitment company to help find them. They want experienced, professional stylists who also have some computer knowledge and basic English, who are available to start work at the beginning of May. Cutters will pay for their flight to their new country and their accommodation for their first month of training. The successful applicants will be given a permanent contract with a salary of at least 2,000 euros a month.

Anyone interested should send their CVs by email to:

The director of Grupo Crit in Malaga, Juan Enrique López Gálvez, says Cutters is a very well-known company in northern Europe and it is considering setting up in Malaga province in the future. He explains that the company will train the candidates in hairdressing techniques and language, but starting the training process does not necessarily mean the applicants will be given a job (although they will be paid while they are there). The need for some computer knowledge is because Cutters does everything via an app, including payments and booking appointments.

López says Cutters cares about its workers, and offers them the opportunity to move between its salons in different countries. Those who start to work with the firm now will have more chance of working in Spain when it begins operating here.

He also says it is great news that a Finnish company is interested in recruiting talented people from Malaga. “It’s very significant that large companies are doing this,” he says. “Malaga is going to become a really important technological hub worldwide, and that’s why it is attracting the attention of firms in different places who are looking for quality workers”.