No need for warm coats and umbrellas just yet. / efe

Will it still be this warm in Malaga in November and when is it going to rain?

This last week in October is hotter than normal for the time of year and the possibility of rain remains remote


Summer seems to have continued until nearly the end of October this year and the lack of rain is causing concern.

The spokesman for Spain's national weather agency Aemet, Rubén del Campo, says it is not only the southern region of the country that has been affected: temperatures are higher than usual in most of Spain, even in the north. In fact, before the end of the month they could reach 32C in the Guadalquivir Valley, inland Mediterranean regions and in Mallorca.

But what about November? Can we get the overcoats, scarves and umbrellas out at last?

Not immediately, according to Meteored, which is predicting higher temperatures than usual everywhere in Spain in the first half of the month. However, from mid-November things could start to return to normal in the central and northern regions, while temperatures will be about 1C higher than usual in the south.

Less rain than normal

With regard to rain, Meteored’s Samuel Biener is not optimistic about the first week because high pressure will dominate the country “so there will be less rain than normal practically everywhere,” he has said.

“In the second half of the month the high pressure will probably move towards central Europe and the North Atlantic. If so, it could rain more than usual in some Mediterranean areas, but will be drier in the west,” Biener said.

Even the temperature of the Mediterranean is higher than normal, ranging from 22C to 24C in the Gulf of Valencia and the Balearics and 24C to 25C elsewhere. This is between two and four degrees warmer than usual.