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November is going to be spring-like, say experts

November is going to be spring-like, say experts

The month is expected to be milder than normal, as high temperatures continue



Friday, 4 November 2022, 13:04


The high temperatures will continue in Malaga province throughout November, which is expected to be, once again, milder than normal.

"Logically, they will be lower than in October, but compared to normal temperatures this month, it will be warmer," said Jesús Riesco, director of the Aemet weather centre in Malaga.

At the beginning of November, the anticyclone and stability will remain, "there is no warm air mass to replace the one we currently have, nor is the passage of any prominent fronts expected, we may just catch a glimpse of them".

The worst news is that, for the moment, there is no rain, and the models show that it will be a drier month than usual. The tail end of a front, that is not very active, is passing through today (Friday), and may leave some very weak precipitation in Ronda and Antequera, but only in isolation and nothing on the coast.

The mercury will drop inland briefly but will recover by the weekend.

Rains are delayed

"This year, the weather fronts are staying more to the north and west of Malaga and the high-level depressions are not reaching us here, so we are left with hardly any rainfall at all."

All the hopes of forecasters (and everyone else) are already pinned on December and January, which are normally the wettest months in the province, but for the moment November rainfall looks set to be well below normal.

"Here, in a good year, we normally have plenty of rain, but so far, for the first fortnight, we don't see anything at all," said Riesco.




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