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How much does it cost to celebrate New Year's Eve on the Costa del Sol?

How much does it cost to celebrate New Year's Eve on the Costa del Sol?

Many restaurants and hotels are offering special dinner menus and parties to say goodbye to one year and welcome the next, but these glittering occasions usually have prices to match

Juan Soto


Friday, 30 December 2022, 12:36


A few years ago it would have been difficult to book a table for New Year's Eve in Malaga unless you did so well in advance but nowadays more restaurants and hotels have decided to take advantage of the demand and organise celebratory meals and parties to bid farewell to one year and welcome in the next.

It is normally a glamorous occasion and in many cases the special dinner menus include drinks, the lucky grapes to eat at midnight and even a bit of a party afterwards. It is never cheap, but plenty of people believe the occasion is worth splashing out on.

So... how much is it likely to set you back?

Malaga city centre

Numerous restaurants in the city centre are offering a New Year’s Eve dinner this year and some are even opening early due to high demand from tourists. On average, you can expect to pay between 100 euros and 200 euros per person for a set menu, depending on what is served and what extras are included.

Celebrations on the Costa

If you were fondly thinking that a New Year's Eve meal on the coast will be cheaper than in the city, the prices in some restaurants are likely to come as a surprise.

In Benalmádena, the Trocadero restaurant is offering a special evening with prices ranging from 250 euros for the meal, grapes and party after midnight, or 340 euros with all those and a free bar all night. The party following midnight is only for clients who have booked the meal, and not for the public in general.

El Higuerón restaurant in Fuengirola has a special menu at 290 euros (110 euros for children) which includes dinner, drinks and lucky grapes. The party after midnight will go on until 2.30am, although drinks during that part of the night have to be bought separately.

And Roostiq, in the Villa Parra Palomeras residential development in Marbella, is also planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with two different menus for its clients costing between 300 and 360 menus a head.

Hotels on New Year's Eve

Another popular way of seeing in the New Year is to celebrate at a hotel and many in Malaga city and elsewhere in the province have arranged a special evening although this tends to be a more expensive alternative to a meal at a restaurant.

Balausta, for example, the restaurant in the Palacio de Solecio hotel in Malaga, will be preparing a menu for 185 euros per person; Carmen, at the Only You hotel, will be charging 295 euros per person and the menu at the AC Malaga Palacio hotel will cost 175 euros each.

On the coast, New Year’s Eve at the Higuerón hotel in Fuengirola, prepared by chef Diego Gallegos, who can boast two Michelin stars, will set you back 300 euros each, while at the Marbella Club it will cost 1,100 euros per person.

What would you get for that 1,100 euros each? The menu in this emblematic establishment includes tartare of red prawn and caviar or lobster and crayfish risotto, among other dishes, and the evening will end with live music and a free bar.





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