Police raid in progress. Policía Nacional

Network dedicated to laundering 10 million euros of drug money is smashed in south of Spain

Police arrested 21 people in raids in Malaga and Seville and seized 130,000 euros in cash, high-value watches and jewellery, as well as blocking bank accounts and Costa del Sol real estate property valued at five million euros



Wednesday, 5 July 2023, 13:09


National Police officers in the south of Spain have dismantled a criminal organisation allegedly dedicated to the laundering of money from drug trafficking. Some 21 people were arrested in the provinces of Seville and Malaga, according to a statement from the force.

The criminal organisation was made up of a large number of individuals and legal entities, making it a particularly complex and diverse investigation. During searches, around 130,000 euros in cash, various documents, computer equipment and mobile telephones, high-value watches and jewellery worth more than 650,000 euros were seized, as well as Costa del Sol real estate valued at five million euros and numerous bank accounts and financial assets.

The police investigation began in 2020 when officers identified various financial operations, which they suspected of being money laundering, being carried out by people with links to drug trafficking and other illegal activities related to organised crime.

One of the main persons investigated allegedly tried to evade justice with his real estate assets, counting on the collaboration of the rest of the members of the network, as well as several people from his close family who were also involved.

Real estate investments

As a result of the police investigations and the analysis of the work and tax affairs of 35 people, 49 legal entities and the study of more than 682 bank accounts, it was possible to reconstruct the laundering operations in which several different modus operandi were used, but all using the maximum discretion and secrecy so as not to arouse suspicion.

Those investigated have allegedly managed to introduce funds thought to exceed 10 million euros into the Spanish system since 2011, mainly through real estate investments on the Costa del Sol and the southern coast of Spain, real estate assets that currently are worth an estimated five million euros.

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