Man confesses to killing his 'missing' partner and leads police to the place where he buried her body

Man confesses to killing his 'missing' partner and leads police to the place where he buried her body

Débora Morais Dos Santos, 39, was found under cement at a warehouse on an industrial estate in Malaga

Juan Cano


Monday, 26 September 2022, 10:35

On 28 March this year a 39-year-old Brazilian woman, Débora Morais Dos Santos, went missing in Malaga, leaving behind her partner and two children aged 17 and five. Her partner said she had walked out, and everybody believed him: her family, associations of missing persons… but not the officers from the National Police homicide squad, who continued to investigate her disappearance and had their suspicions about the man with whom she had been living.

Last Friday, 23 September, after questioning him again for five hours, he confessed: Débora was dead. And he took the detectives to the place where he had buried her body, a warehouse on La Estrella industrial estate in Malaga city. He said he had made a hole, placed her inside and covered the site with cement.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, investigators found her. She had been placed in rubbish sacks and wrapped in blankets; this probably helped to preserve her body, because it had not deteriorated as much as would be expected after six months.

Not reported missing until May

Débora’s bag and all her documentation were with her. It was the fact that they could not be found when she disappeared that her partner used to support his argument that she had left the country, and had probably gone back to Brazil, where she had come from.

The police believe she had been killed and her body hidden between 28 and 29 March, but it was not until May that the SOS Desaparecidos missing persons organisation published a poster with her photo and physical description.

SOS Desaparecidos can be contacted to report that someone has gone missing 24 hours a day on 645075293 and their email contact is



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