The arrest of the alleged kidnapper in Fuengirola. National police

Man wanted for kidnapping an 11-year-old boy and holding him to ransom arrested in Fuengirola

When detained by Spain's National Police force he was carrying false documentation as well as 30,000 euros in cash, in 50 euro notes


Monday, 18 July 2022, 17:41


An alleged fugitive kidnapper has been arrested in Fuengirola after an 11-year-old boy was abducted in France last October, according to French investigators.

They said the the minor was kidnapped and taken to a building in the French town of Saint-Quentin where he was held for 48 hours until he was released. The kidnappers demanded that the boy's father pay a sum of money related to a debt owed to them, the Directorate General of Police said. The child was not harmed in the ransom bid.

The investigation carried out by the French authorities led to the arrest in May last year of three French nationals and several house searches.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the main suspects had fled to Spain. Following a request for cooperation from the French authorities through a European Investigation Order, Spain's National Police force began to make enquiries and found out that the fugitive was possibly hiding out in Malaga province.

With the collaboration and exchange of information with the French authorities, officers moved to the area to locate and arrest him. Security measures deployed by the fugitive reportedly hampered the investigation.

The alleged kidnapper was finally located in Fuengirola, where he was arrested. He was carrying false documentation as well as 30,000 euros in cash in 50 euro notes. According to the French authorities, the detainee was a dangerous criminal dedicated to drug trafficking.

The court ordered the detained man to be remanded in custody pending the formalities for his handover to the French authorities, who are conducting the original investigation into the kidnapping of the minor.


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