The scene of the incident in Fuengirola. Fuengirola se Queja
112 incident

Earth moves for bulldozer driver as machine is swallowed up by ground during demolition of old market in Fuengirola

The operator of the heavy machinery was able to get out on his own, but the cause of the incident on the Mercacentro site is currently being investigated

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 27 February 2024


The ground has opened up on a demolition site Fuengirola and caused an excavator to topple into a hole where work is currently under way to demolish the old Mercacentro market building in the Costa del Sol town. At the moment the cause of the accident is unknown, according to council sources, although it is believed that the driver of the heavy machinery did not suffer any injuries and that he was able to make his own way out of the excavator.

According to the same sources, the health and safety coordinator of the construction site has taken note of the incident and a crane will be brooght in to remove the heavy machinery from the area where it sunk into the ground.

For several weeks now, the excavators have been working at full capacity on the controlled demolition of the thousands of square metres of surface space, although the existing two underground floors will not be demolished.

The latest images show how the building, which has been standing for 40 years, has almost disappeared, leaving the site empty and transforming the urban scene in the centre of Fuengirola forever.

It is planned that once the demolition work is completed, construction will begin on a new market, with a modern architectural design, very different from the previous one, in which all the market stalls will be located on the ground floor and the upper part will be reserved for gastrobars.

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