Councillor José Carlos Martín during a visit to the roundabout construction site. SUR
New roundabouts to help avoid accidents on the Mijas Pueblo road

New roundabouts to help avoid accidents on the Mijas Pueblo road

The first of two began construction last week and will cost close to 800,000 euros


Monday, 10 January 2022


Two new roundabouts are to be built along the Mijas Pueblo access road, an investment which will officially be made public in the coming days.

José Carlos Martín, deputy mayor and councillor in charge of the works, confirmed last week that construction had started: "We've just opened a car park and now work has started on the two planned roundabouts on the Mijas pueblo road and start 2022 on a high."

The money invested in the project has risen to 739,689 euros and is set to to be completed in three months, with the contract going to the company Ervega S.A.

"We are continually improving road safety and mobility to the municipality," said Martín. "The stretch of road that includes La Loma, Pueblo Don Silverio and Haza del Algarrobo has seen several traffic accidents and citizens have been asking for infrastructure which we are now giving them. As well as improving safety, these projects will provide alternatives for people who could only turn around at the roundabouts at the Aldi or on the motorway."

The road to construction has been a long and complex one, due to several bureacratic problems. But the works are able to go ahead mainly because Mijas town hall obtained ownership of the road in 2018. "If we had to wait for reports by other administrations, as projects like these tend to take time, the process would have dragged on," said Martín.

The Mijas Pueblo access road project will be completed with the construction of the second roundabout, where work will begin once the relevant expropriations are carried out to the north of the first roundabout.


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