Robbie Williams at Marenostrum on Thursday 15 June.

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Robbie Williams at Marenostrum on Thursday 15 June. Hugo Cortés

Robbie Williams wows a packed crowd with his first concert on the Costa del Sol

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To celebrate his 25-year solo career 'the bad boy' of British pop entertained the sold-out Fuengirola venue with passion

Cristina Pinto


Friday, 16 June 2023, 12:13


After a warm-up from Lufthaus – Robbie Williams' electronic group with Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis the crowd at Marenostrum Fuengirola was ready for 'the bad boy' of British pop to play them his classics last night (Thursday).

Huge applause rang out when the three double-sided screens on the stage lit up to project the iconic singer. The sold-out venue, had more than 15,000 people packed in, ready to see Robbie's 'XXV' tour to commemorate 25 years as a solo artist after he split from Take That.

After a countdown, with a blue colour pulsating at Marenostrum Fuengirola, the show started in style with 'Hey Wow Yeah Yeah Yeah'. Robbie appeared in a gold sequined sleeveless top - that showed off his tattoos ´ and gold trousers. "My name is Robbie f***ing Williams and this is my band," he yelled.

Throughout the night he didn't stop interacting with the audience at the Fuengirola venue: "How do you say 'sex' in Spanish? Sex! And drugs! And scandal!". His second hit was the legendary Let Me Entertain You.

The concert continued with Monsoon and Strong to "calm down" the audience a little, but the audience didn't want to stop. He even made a reference to the Take That song Do What U Like.

And he produced the Spanish flag, which he opened wide and showed to the audience so that they applauded loudly. He then hung it around his neck. He even got romantic when he dedicated Love My Life to a couple in the front row.

Candy and Rock DJ led up to the final song of the night, Feel. The screens went dark adding a note of seriousness to this one of his most powerful songs and showing how he is still at the top of his game all these years later.

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