Rigged roulette gang nets estimated 500,000 euros from casinos on the Costa

Rigged roulette gang nets estimated 500,000 euros from casinos on the Costa


National Police officers in Fuengirola have arrested six people for allegedly manipulating the computer systems of gambling halls in collusion with casino employees

Irene Quirante

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 17:48

It reads like a plot from a Hollywood crime caper such as Casino, or Ocean's Eleven but here's the 'spoiler': police have arrested five people in the south of Spain and another one, the alleged ringleader of the plot, in Madrid for allegedly rigging the roulette wheels of five casinos and making them over 500,000 euros.

The investigation was started a few months ago by National Police officers in Fuengirola, after the gang carried out its scam on casinos in the Costa del Sol town and Malaga on 28 November. The criminal group allegedly colluded with casino workers to manipulate the roulette wheels to carry out the thefts.

In the course of police investigations, they discovered that the operations centre of the gang was in Madrid, where the main leader of the organisation was based. The «key worker» in the network allegedly used falsified documentation to travel to other provinces and stay in hotels under the orders of the leader.

Investigators also found that the suspects committed the thefts in collusion with casino employees. One staff member has been arrested for allegedly providing the gang with a master key for casino premises.

The gang allegedly manipulated the computer systems of the chosen casinos to produce winning tickets and would cash them in them later in other casinos. In some cases, these tickets had a value of 40,000 euros. Overall, it is thought the gang made over 500,000 euros.

The police operation, dubbed Game, concluded with the identification and location of the six suspects, who are charged with belonging to a criminal group, theft and fraud, among other charges.

Five of those allegedly involved in the plot were arrested in Malaga and Alhaurín de la Torre, while the alleged ringleader was arrested in the Spanish capital.



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