Lupiáñez and Pérez Atencia. E.C.
PP and independent Torre del Mar group pact in Vélez-Málaga

PP and independent Torre del Mar group pact in Vélez-Málaga

The 'historic agreement' was signed by Jesús Lupiáñez and Jesús Carlos Pérez Atencia on the morning of 10 June

Eugenio Cabezas


Friday, 16 June 2023, 11:31


The Partido Popular (PP) and the pro-independence group for Torre del Mar (GIPMTM) signed a pact last Saturday to govern in Vélez-Málaga almost two weeks after the local elections. Torre del Mar is part of Veléz-Málaga municipality.

The PP won the May election with nine councillors but failed to get an absolute majority. Jesús Lupiáñez, the new leader of the party, replacing Francisco Delgado after two decades, met with the leader of the independent group, Jesús Carlos Pérez Atencia, on Saturday morning to sign a "historic agreement".

Pérez Atencia will once again be the first deputy mayor, as he has been for the last two legislatures but in a coalition with the Socialist PSOE party. Both parties have described the agreement's aims to "transform Vélez-Málaga over the next four years".

The bipartite government of PP and GIPMTM will have fifteen of the 25 councillors, leaving six from Andalucía por Sí, three from PSOE and one from Vox.

Elsewhere in the Axarquía area, four villages had this week still to work out who would govern them ahead of Saturday's investitures; Periana, Benamargosa, Comares and Arenas.

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