Councillor for Operational Services, José Carlos Martín. / SUR

Mijas Pueblo pavement renovation project moves on a pace

The Calle Los Naranjos works, which have a budget of 52,227 euros, will include the planting of cork oaks and the replacement of all infrastructure

Tony Bryant

Mijas town hall has announced that its municipal pavement renovation plan will continue with the remodelling of the Calle Los Naranjos in Mijas Pueblo.

The project, which has a budget of 52,227 euros and an execution period of two months, will include the replacement of the old pavement with new non-slip tiles.

In order to adhere to the aesthetics of the municipality, the remodelling works will also consist of the planting of cork oaks and adding an irrigation network, along with the replacement of all infrastructure, including the sewer network and water pipes and the installation of a new energy-efficient lighting system.

The renovation project is run in conjunction with the council’s Asphalt Conservation and Maintenance Plan, a project that has involved the resurfacing of several roads in the centre of the town.

“With this project we continue to improve and preserve the infrastructures of the entire municipality. We are remodelling the roads to improve the quality of life of the residents by boosting infrastructures and services,” councillor for Operational Services, José Carlos Martín, said.