Motorcyclist seriously injured after being trapped and dragged under a lorry in Mijas

Local Police officers were praised for stabilising the 69-year-old victim at the scene, by applying tourniquets, until an ambulance arrived


A 69-year-old motorcyclist has been rushed to the Hospital Clínico in Malaga after being involved in an accident in which, apparently, they were trapped under a lorry and also dragged by it. The victim, according to SUR sources, was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries to their legs.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, on Avenida Carmen Sáenz de Tejada in Las Lagunas de Mijas. Several people contacted 112 Andalucía control room to alert the emergency services of the accident, and the operators immediately activated the health services, Local Police and Guardia Civil.

The rapid arrival of the Local Police allowed the motorcyclist to be attended immediately while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance. Officers, who saw the significant bleeding from the serious injuries to the legs, applied tourniquets to stabilise the victim.

Once an ambulance arrived the health workers continued to assist the victim at the scene to try to stop the bleeding, until it was decided that they should urgently be transferred to the Hospital Clínico in Malaga for emergency surgery.

The officers from the Mijas Local Police Neighbourhood Unit were congratulated for their efforts to stabilise the victim by both the hospital staff and the ambulance service.