The race course is over 20 years old now. / sur

Mijas is to revamp the athletics track at the old race course

The facility is now over 20 years old and its condition has deteriorated, so modern materials will be used and the water supply will also be improved


Mijas council is to reconstruct the athletics tracks at the race course, with modern materials and a better water supply, the councillor for Town Planning and Sports, Andrés Ruiz, announced on Monday. The race course is over 20 years old now and has deteriorated through use, the passage of time and the weather.

“We want to get going on this as soon as possible, so by the end of the year the plans will be drawn up and ready to be put into effect,” he said.

The works will include new drainage and water supply mechanisms, which Ruiz explained will extend the useful life of the track. The seven lighting supports are also going to be replaced.

“We are going to use new materials so our athletes have the benefit of a modern and functional facility,” he said. The race track is currently used by about 400 sports enthusiasts a day.

The council wants the tracks to be available not only to local sports clubs but to others in Spain and abroad as well, and says it can’t rule out the possibility that it could be used for major sports events in the future.