Entrance to the car park in Plaza Virgen de la Peña, Mijas Pueblo. SUR
Mijas Pueblo tackles car parking shortage

Mijas Pueblo tackles car parking shortage

An underground extension to the central car park will create up to 350 new places


Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 17:13


Parking in Mijas Pueblo has been a nightmare for years due to a shortage of spaces with local businesses claiming this has had an impact on on tourist arrivals.

This is why the Virgen de la Peña square car park was built in the prime central location and now costs only one euro a day. But it does not have enough capacity to accommodate all the demand for parking spaces in Mijas Pueblo. Now the town hall is planning to extend the car park by adding 350 new underground spaces.

The remodelling of the car park has been blocked for four years. “We propose an underground car park towards Plaza Virgen de la Peña which does not need reports or permits from the regional Ministry of Culture," said José Carlos Martín, councillor for infrastructure.

The tender for the project has been opened and companies can send in their applications until 28 December . The budget for the drafting of the project is 102,000 euros.

Councillor Martín said that "it is important to put an end to this problem now". Geotechnical studies will determine whether three or four storeys can be built.

“In principle, the capacity could reach almost 350 spaces," Martín said.

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