Wild boar on the Torrenueva residential development. SUR
Mijas hires company to trap and kill wild boar that have become a major problem in the town

Mijas hires company to trap and kill wild boar that have become a major problem in the town

Drought and development have resulted in the animals venturing into population centres

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 3 October 2023


The wild boar problem has become so serious in Mijas that the town hall has been forced to hire a company to capture and kill the animals.

"There have always been wild boar in this area, but they only used to be seen from time to time. But now you see them every night or hear them scavenging around in the bins," said Manolo Cabello, a Mijas resident. His concerns are echoed throughout various residential developments along the Mijas coast, such as Riviera del Sol and Torrenueva where herds of wild boar can be seen on a daily basis.

"We are talking about animals with fangs of at least 15 centimetres long, they are imposing," said Miguel Martínez, president of the Riviera del Sol residents' association. "The main road is right next to it, and if they cross it they will surely cause an accident, they are animals that weigh more than 100 kilos", pointed out Fernando Jaén, president of the Torrenueva residents' association.

Drought is causing the animals to venture down from the mountains into the towns, with the lack of rain meaning that they can't find their food in the countryside. They are also a very fertile species, which explains their large numbers. "In one year they can have two or three litters with 14 wild boar in each litter," added Jaén. Urban development in the mountains is also causing them to move closer towards the sea, into more densely populated areas.

Don't feed the wild boar sign.
Don't feed the wild boar sign. SUR

The Junta de Andalucía said it is the responsibility of respective councils to control the issue. Town halls are "recommended to use or authorise the use of capture sites and subsequent slaughter of the captured specimens, in accordance with the law for the protection of animal rights and welfare".

But Mijas town hall said they are "limited" in how they can solve the growing problem. "The tools provided by the Junta do not go far enough to stop a problem that already affects the whole region," it said.

Company contracted

The council is now acting with the authorisation of the Junta to try to find a solution and prevent the boar from reaching urban areas, municipal sources said. A private company has been contracted to install traps in the areas where there is most "conflict" and then, once the wild boar have been captured, kill them.

Lorenzo Pérez is director of Mijas Golf. It is very common for wild boar to enter the company's grounds, as they are not stopped by the fences. He said: "They lift up the grass as if they were a plough, and wherever they pass, they ruin. They catch a lot of them, very regularly, although personally I don't know why it is necessary to kill them, other options could be considered," he added.

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