The mayor of Fuengirola and president of the veterinary college with the new microchip devices. SUr
Fuengirola police to get microchip readers to help identify lost, abandoned and injured pets

Fuengirola police to get microchip readers to help identify lost, abandoned and injured pets

It is one of the latest initiatives to help make the Costa del Sol town a top pet-friendly destination, and it follows the town hall recently signing a new agreement with the Malaga veterinary college

Tuesday, 27 September 2022


As one of the initiatives to make Fuengirola a top pet-friendly destination, the town hall has signed a new agreement with Colegio de Veterinarios de Malaga that will provide the Local Police with microchip readers to facilitate the identity of lost, abandoned and injured pets.

The agreement was signed by the town’s mayor, Ana Mula, and the president of the veterinarian college, Juan Antonio de Luque.

Along with the introduction of the microchip devices, the new contract includes the updating and management of the animal census, a register that was created in 1996.

Fuengirola currently has more than 12,500 dogs and 3,500 cats registered on the census, which the mayor declared shows that “Fuengirola is a pioneer in the implementation of initiatives to integrate pets into daily life”.

“With the acquisition of this new equipment, we continue to assure the security and control of animal identification to combat abuse and abandonment. Fuengirola is an ideal destination to visit with pets because it is a town that loves animals,” Mula said.

Other initiatives included in the agreement are the creation of a census of potentially dangerous dogs, which, Mula pointed out, was, along with the microchip, “an obligation by law”.

De Luque added, “I want to emphasise that Fuengirola has had an agreement with the college of veterinarians for many years and it was necessary to renew and update it in order to open the doors to other agreements. Fuengirola was one of the first municipalities in Malaga to create dog parks and beaches and it is a town that adapts to the needs of its animals.”

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