Mayor promises to devote 'body and soul' if re-elected in Fuengirola

Mayor promises to devote 'body and soul' if re-elected in Fuengirola

During her presentation speech, Ana Mula claimed that the “unconditional support” she has received over the years has made Fuengirola an “award-winning, envied and desired town” that is recognised all over the world

Tony Bryant

Tony Bryant


Monday, 30 January 2023, 08:34

“My commitment to Fuengirola and its residents is firm, and my determination to continue making this town the best in the world remains intact.” These were the words of the town’s current mayor, Ana Mula, during her presentation speech for re-election on Saturday.

In a room full of supporters, including the national coordinator of the Popular Party, Elías Bendodo, and representatives of numerous local groups, Mula began by thanking the party leadership at the provincial level “for the trust placed in me to continue leading the candidacy as mayor of Fuengirola”.

“Thank you, because with your unconditional support over the years, we have made Fuengirola an award-winning, envied and desired town,” she said.

She went on to describe Fuengirola as an “exemplary municipality” with the highest levels of well-being and employment that is “projected all over the world”.

Mula during her re-election speech in Fuengirola on Saturday. SUR

She also thanked “my dear” local citizens for having faith in her government, saying that with their support, “we have achieved only in this legislature advances that would have been unthinkable for anyone”.

She highlighted the importance of overcoming the global pandemic, a situation she claimed Fuengirola had emerged from strengthened thanks to the “efforts of the people of Fuengirola”.

Completing the transformation

She also outlined the importance of working in collaboration with the Junta de Andalucía on educational projects and the new marina; as well as projects that depend on municipal action, such as the future Parque de La Loma; the Mercacentro Sports Mountain, and the new theatre and cultural centre, all of which she promised to complete if re-elected.

“We have before us the greatest challenge in our recent history, a challenge that requires all the support and drive of everyone, because we have to complete the transformation that we have started together. We need to make that New Fuengirola that we so desire come true. I will continue to devote myself body and soul to Fuengirola,” Mula claimed.



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